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Bethlehem is the place where Jesus Christ was born, and also King David or Daoud. Canaanite tribes first settled in Bethlehem three thousand years ago. It was then known as Beit Lahma after the Chaldean god of fertility.   more


Spirit of Sumud is a new cultural tourism program in the Bethlehem area. Sumud, Arabic for steadfastness or resilience, shows the deep connection Palestinians have with their land and homes despite the difficult political situation.  

The program invites a different way of sightseeing. As you tour around the Bethlehem area, you will meet various cultural performances by Palestinian youth and women: traditional dancing, drama performances, storytelling, songs, trills and the making of embroidery. The cultural performances will give a different taste to the historical places you are going to visit. You feel that the places become alive and that you are taken back in time.    more





Palestinians are extremely hospitable towards visitors and, despite the many Israeli checkpoints, tourists can usually travel freely in the area         more

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